"Of Roots and Wildness" - Autumn Rozario Hall
March 2nd - March 30th, 2020


Exhibition Description:
This exhibit is a series of acrylic and mized media paintings. Autumn says, "The art explores Iowa's prairie, and the woodlands and is an exploration of personal rewilding through immersion in nature. Through the exhibit, I seek to raise awareness about restoration and native plants."

Artist Bio:

Autumn Rozario Hall is a painter, dreamer, and collector of stories. Autumn grew up by the banks of the Mississippi river. And though she lived in town, she always sought the wild places, where the brambles overran the houses, and the gardens outgrew their yards. Hidden in back lots, choked with weeds, was a kind of magic. A magic of growing things.

These wild places inspire her art, which seeks to share a sense of wonder. Autumn currently lives in Iowa and works in acrylic and mixed media. Autumn Rozario Hall is an artist working within the new contemporary art movement. Her art explores themes of connection to nature, wonder in the ordinary, and transformation of self. 

Autumn Rozario Hall currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa.