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Test Proctoring

Many colleges and universities, especially those offering online or distance education services, are recommending that students go to the local public library for test proctoring services. Waukee Public Library is happy to offer proctoring services as well.

Proctoring at the library consists of issuing the exam, being aware the student is taking the exam, periodically observing the student while performing other tasks and assisting other patrons, signing the proctor form, and mailing the completed exam.

If an institution requires the student to receive constant, uninterrupted observation, then the Waukee Public Library staff cannot proctor the exam.

Proctoring Availability

Currently, we are able to offer proctoring service with a 24-hour notice from the student.

Proctoring will be done by various available, scheduled library staff members during the library's open hours.

We look forward to helping you pursue your educational goals!

Please complete arrangements with your college and send your paperwork to:

    Waukee Public Library
    950 S. Warrior Lane
    Waukee, IA 50263

    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 515-978-1280

Contact us to arrange a proctoring session at 515-978-7944 or by email at [email protected]